Saturday, 23 February 2008

Obama: A blatant Muslim

Some of you less educated and ill-informed people out there seem to have doubts about this blantantly obvious fact - Barack Obama IS a muslim.

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this statement is true. I understand that a lot of you are very sceptical about such accusations so lets explore the evidence shall we?

  • First of all we have this very incriminating photograph to your left, which was stolen from a box in his home. The box, we understand, was labelled "Good Times".
  • Various sources online have informed me that their research concluded the following: "Obama was born a Muslim to a non-practicing Muslim father and for some years had a reasonably Muslim upbringing under the auspices of his Indonesian step-father." There is ZERO chance that any of these stone cold facts concerning his family (including the others circulating the internet) could have been mixed up in any way or form!

Convinced yet? These two facts alone should be have been enough to seal the deal. Well, just incase you were home schooled by your Uncle Henry whos paedophilic tendencies often distracted him, I shall carry on:

  • Take the name Obama, subract the B (-b), and then add an S (+s) - what are you left with? That's right.....OSAMA!!!

  • I taped his phone. Usually I would never stoop so low but my search for the truth had brought me to my knees. One particular phone call made for interesting listening. It was from the man himself - Mr. Bin Laden! It went something like this:

Osama - "waz up ma nigga"

Barack - "Sup, holm boy!"

Osama - "When y'all gonna open up a can of woopass in da house?"

Barack - "Yo man, you know I is still in da elections, I still gotz ta win
da Democratic nomination before Iz do anythin' else."

Osama - "Wat da matter boy? You be soundin' depress' or somin?!"

Barack - "Ugghhh! Iz Hillary man. She be givin' me grief like I don'
diserve! Bill should be keepin a tighta leash on 'is bitch!
Ya know what am saying?!"

Osama - "lol, I know what you iz saying brotha! TESTIFY!! Yu'll do
fine, y' hear? Just don't be lozin' sight of da mission, k?"

Barack - "k"

Osama - "k, gotta go now, lov ya!"

Barack - "Word!"

  • Last but not least, his recent acts on anti-patriotism. Let's use one example for now shall we - his refusal to wear an American flag lapel pin. What kind of practising American doesn't wear his American flag lapel pin? I'll tell you what kind - The MUSLIM kind!

These are but a few of the many pieces of evidence that point towards this obvious fact - Obama IS a Muslim! I have focused too much of my time trying to convince the minority of you who do not already believe this fact that it's true, and now that I have hopefully done that let us focus on the real problem - Obamas intentions. It is his intentions to destroy America, because as you know, as President he would have the power to do that - There's no one who can stop him (or question him)! He must not be allowed to become President! Fear My Warning!

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Mr. Mantas said...

You had me - two sentences in, I was going to leave a comment that called you a knuckle-dragger, but having finished my read, I now proclaim: Hear ye, hear ye - brilliance.